Wireless Printing

Print from anywhere!
Send documents to the library's printer and pick them up within 24 hours of sending.
You do not need to be on the library's Wi-Fi network to send documents to the library's printers.You can send items to be printed from your own computer or mobile device.

To print from your own computer:

Follow the link for the web page for the printer at the library you would like to use:

To email documents to a printer:

Forward your email message or attachment to:

The message and each attachment are sent as separate files, so you can choose which ones to print when you pick up your documents.

To print using the mobile app:

Download the PrinterOn Mobile Printing app for your iOS or Android device.

To find the Saint Paul Public Library's printers, click the Search icon and search for sppl. From the list of results, select the printer you would like to use.

Once the mobile app is installed, some operating systems will let you print from your device's web browser by enabling "Print with PrinterOn".

Pick-Up and Costs

To pick up your documents, go to the print release terminal at the library you selected within 24 hours of sending.

  • Black and white: 15 cents per page
  • Color (available at George Latimer Central Library): 75 cents per page